• Requires the use of a machine to employ a pigment into the dermis.
  • The pigment can be visible in the skin for up to 2-5 years.
  • A range of design techniques can be produced such as a hair-stroke, powder, combination or ombre.
  • The sensation is often described as similar to plucking or a pulling sensation. Also quite similar to rubbing a toothbrush over the skin. A topical anaesthetic is used to aid
  • Single or grouped needles can be used to create 3d results, can provide clients with a glamorous, bold finish.
  • Expensive machinery and equipment
  • Aftercare required.
  • Minimal downtime.


  • Requires the use of a manual tool that is used to etch pigments into the epidermal layer of the skin, so slightly shallower than semi-permanent makeup.
  • Last approx 12 months before top-up work may be required.
  • Most natural like for like hair-strokes.
  • A grouping of fine needles are used to create the crispest and precise strokes
  • Mild scratching sensation. Topical anaesthetic used to aid comfort.
  • As microblading is currently a must have treatment, technicians can demand a healthy treatment fee anywhere.
  • Equipment and treatment costs tend to be lower
  • Currently most requested brow treatment.
  • Aftercare required.


£200 (Including Free Top Up


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