Here are our guidelines for your hair preparation before and Care Tips after having Hair Extensions.

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On the Day of the Fitting

  • Please make sure your hair is washed, preferably with a clarifying shampoo. (Clarifying shampoo ensures all residues are removed)
  • Please do not use any conditioner on the day of fitting.
  • Try to leave your hair as natural as possible and do not apply any styling products.
  • If you usually straighten your hair please ensure it is straightened if possible before fitting.
  • Please have your hair in its usual parting.


  • Do NOT wash your hair in the bath – shower hair only.
  • Always use an extension brush and brush carefully holding your hands on the roots of your hair if needed.
  • Brush your hair after washing and DO NOT leave to dry naturally or in a towel.
  • Brush through your hair whilst blow drying. Moroccan oil or heat defence spray is recommended.
  • Wash your hair every 2-4 days NOT every day as you will lose more strands and dry the hair out quicker.
  • When shampooing hair wash scalp thoroughly to keep free from bacteria.
  • Always brush out any knots before you wash your hair, swim or sleep. Start at the bottom and work your way up slowly.
  • Only condition from mid length to the ends of your hair as any conditioner on the roots may cause slippage.
  • You can loosely braid your hair at night to prevent tangles.
  • If swimming, remember chlorine and salt water can dry out the hair so always shampoo and condition hair thoroughly afterwards.
  • Always use a good heat protection spray when blow drying or styling.
  • Although you are able to style the hair extensions (straightening, curling) excessive styling may shorten the life span of the extensions.
  • For Weaves, book every 6-8 weeks or for Nano Rings, book every 10-12 weeks for Maintenance Visits to help with the longevity of the hair.

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